Elia Locardi is Back

The Strobist is Back!

The Strobist is Back!
David Hobby, more commonly known as the Strobist, is back for another season of education, critique, and creativity with the community. This time around, it looks like we're taking a deep dive into colour and other more advanced concepts related to lighting. David's tongue-in-cheek delivery and exceptional knowledge of light make for an entertaining and highly educational read. I, for one, will be following along with great interest.
For those of you new to the scene or those who've been living under a rock, Mr Hobby has been providing free educational resources relating to the use of artificial light for many years now. As a former news photographer, he was often called to make the best of crap-light situations, and his first educational series, Lighting 101, was about just that - understanding light and how to improve it using small strobes. The second addition, Lighting 102, went into far more detail and got much more in depth, covering topics like dealing with specular highlights when they are unwanted.  If Lighting 103 is anywhere near as good as its older brothers, you'll learn a ton about lighting and have a few laughs along the way. As with the previous lessons, you can jump in any time and work through the exercises with the community. 
David also has a series of walk-throughs called "On Assignment" that take you along with him as he problem-solves lighting situations in the field. For me, these have been the most useful pieces on the site. They give you a practical application for all of the theory that is taught, show you situations that may not be too dissimilar from ones you commonly work in, and teach you how David worked to solve his lighting issues. These are a great companion for his videos, which are now available on Lynda.
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Dylan Goldby is an Aussie photographer living and working in South Korea. He shoots a mix of families, especially the adoptive community, and pre-weddings. His passions include travel, good food and drink, and time away from all things electronic.

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Strobist was invaluable when I was learning off camera lighting, and I still refer people there. I'm glad to hear David is continuing to educate!

Refreshing change in articles...for FS.

Hobby is an old school DIY kind of photographer...sharp contrast to the mega expensive gear you guys usually right about on here.

Hobby shoots with a Phase One...

He's about lighting, not cameras..don't see how this is relevant.

Strobist is and was the backbone of my lighting education, excited to see 103 up!

Great strobe for a DIY photographer. I'm gonna try this on my Canon

Strobist has always been an excellent resource and David Hobby is a great guy.

I never heard of The Strobist before, but am glad I read this article! I read one of his articles/tutorials and it was pretty cool, so I'll dig around his site a bit more and see how it goes. He doesn't seem shy about teaching us amateurs at all, which seems inline with a couple of the previous comments, as well.