Take Your Filmmaking to the Next Level

There are many ways to go about your video. You can just go at it, shoot away, and edit quick shots together, or you can think about what you want to shoot and use psychological composition to bring your story across in the best way possible. You can have progression of your hero moving from left to right throughout the film, or you can keep your villain to the left and your hero to the right to have them compete in your viewer’s mind. This video shares some smart ways to approach your next film or photography project, even if your project isn’t narrative based. 

In this video, Mango Street takes us through some important tips to improve our videos. Below are a few I found most useful, but watch the video for even more.

  1. Don’t shoot everything in slow-motion. Don’t overuse it. Be deliberate. Shooting at 30 fps and playing back on a 24 fps timeline will slow the video down slightly, and give you 80% of the actual footage. 30fps and 24 are all divisible by 6 so you won’t have any frames dropping either. 
  2. Use the environment around you. If there’s a candle or glass in the room, shoot through it to create a dreamlike effect. 
  3. It’s your eye and your story to craft. For me, it’s always good to try out and learn other methods of sharing your message.
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