Three Common Video Lighting Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Good lighting can make or break a video. There are some mistakes a lot of newer videographers make when it comes to lighting, however, and this helpful video outlines three of the most common issues creatives encounter and what you can do to fix them and improve the look of your work.

Coming to you from Aputure, this great video details three common lighting mistakes videographers make (though they apply just as much to stills work) and what you can do to remedy them, namely the exposure of the subject, eye lights, and background separation. One that I often see overlooked in eye lights. Without a catchlight in a subject's eyes, they can look very rather empty and lifeless. Even just a glint from a catchlight can make a huge difference, and it usually does not take much of a change when it comes to adjusting your lighting. Furthermore, background separation (showing a distinct separation between your subject and the background) can make a huge difference in making your videos look more professional. There are several ways to accomplish this, with your choice coming down to technical capabilities and creative decisions. Check out the video above for the full rundown.

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