The Three Essentials of Landscape Photography

Pick any genre of photography, and you can spend days listing the rules and tips to make one successful in it. But sometimes, it's good to remind ourselves of the essentials that we should always be thinking of when shooting, and this great video does just that for all you landscape shooters out there.

Coming to you from Steve O'Nions, this great video features him discussing what he thinks are the essentials of landscape photography: location and light, composition, and the camera. What I found particularly interesting is how he weights the importance of these things, which is certainly not equally. O'NionsĀ feels that the camera is less an important factor than a matter of personal taste for the photographer. He places much more emphasis on having a keen eye for locations and composition, then reading and waiting for the proper light to get the shot you want, as you can see particularly in how much attention he pays to composition, right down to the sort of mood a particular choice of aspect ratio evokes in the viewer. I always appreciate O'Nions' relaxed and pragmatic take on things; I definitely recommend giving the above video a watch.

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The growing chorus of 'I'm so thoroughly bored of arguments about gear' (see also, Thomas Heaton's latest video) is something I deeply appreciate; and it echoes the growing sentiments of 'the only thing that matters, with regard to success, is consistency and hard work'.

Thanks for posting, Alex, and happy new year, n stuff.

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Funny you mention that, I'm posting that video tomorrow! Happy New Year to you too! :)