The Versatility of a Single Octabox in Lighting Photos

When you're first starting out in lighting, it's always a good idea to start out with single-light setups, so you can master the different parameters and qualities of light before moving into more complex and intricate designs. This helpful video will show you the vast versatility you can get out of a single light and an octabox. 

Coming to you from Daniel Norton, this helpful video will show you the many different looks you can get out of a single light using a standard size octabox modifier. If you're new to lighting, notice how much versatility Norton gets out of the modifier, even more so when he adds a simple white reflector. It's an affordable and uncomplicated setup that's absolutely ideal if you're new to artificial lighting and looking to get your feet wet. Another thing to note is that while Norton is working in his studio, the octabox is often the modifier of choice for on-location photographers. Its ability to create different looks, affordability, and relative ease of use make it a great option for a vast variety of situations. The only real issue you need to watch out for is windy days, particularly with larger octaboxes. Grab one and give it a try! 

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