A Very Quick Introduction to Studio Lighting for Beginners

When you're new to artificial lighting, it can all seem a bit overwhelming. This helpful video will give you a very quick introduction and some helpful tips.

Coming to you from Jeff Rojas, this helpful video will give you a very quick introduction to using lighting in a small space. One thing that I really appreciate about Rojas' studio work is that he does it in a tiny 60-square-foot room in his apartment. If you're just starting out with lighting, you're certainly not going to be renting out your own large studio space, and you'll likely be working in a small spare room in your home much like Rojas, and seeing both how he works and just how much he can accomplish in that space is really invaluable. Another thing to note is that while Rojas prefers to use a light meter, this isn't essential, especially when you're new to artificial lighting. Instead, try to focus on things like how the position, size, angle, and distance of your light to your subject affect the way it makes your photos appear. And certainly don't be afraid to experiment; that's half the fun of the process and often how you learn the most! 

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