This Video Shows What It's Like Shooting Through the Viewfinder of a Sony a7 III

If you're used to shooting on a Canon or Nikon DSLR and haven't tried out a late-model mirrorless camera, you might be wondering what it's like to shoot with an electronic viewfinder (EVF). This great video shows you the experience of shooting with a Sony a7 III's viewfinder.

Coming to you from Manny Ortiz, this fun video follows him on a portrait photoshoot and shows you what he sees through his viewfinder. I recently made the switch from Canon to a Sony a7R III myself, and one of the greatest joys of the EVF is always seeing the true exposure of the image before I shoot it. I'm also a huge fan of the focus assist functions: I often shoot with wide-aperture primes, and if I need to check critical sharpness, the camera will zoom in to whichever portion of the frame the autofocus point is currently at as soon as I grab the manual focus ring on the lens, which makes it astoundingly easy to make sure I've nailed focus. Ortiz also briefly touches on the convenience of Eye AF and custom function button assignments: you can assign Eye AF to almost button you please, so when you're using another focus mode and want to switch back and forth, all you have to do is tap the button. It's a huge convenience for wedding and portrait shooters. Check out the video above for more! 

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Michael Holst's picture

When I first tried the EVF on the first gen a7 I was blown away. It saves a lot of time be eliminating the need to chimp the back of the LCD screen. I just wish it didn't have so many buttons. I use a few different cameras both film and digital and wish the buttons on the a7 weren't so clustered near the dial and shutter. I end up forgetting the function of each.

Zenza Rino's picture

I am ok with better ergonomy, but I wish they add more buttons :D How about labeling them? A laser printer and a tape would help???

Zenza Rino's picture

but you'll feel old =)

Dave McDermott's picture

The more videos I see about this camera the more I want it. I have no problem nailing the focus on my Canon once my subject is perfectly still, but when there's movement involved its a real struggle. Having to keep focusing and recomposing is a pain too. The Sony looks like a joy to use.

That's a purpose of these videos :)

I've recently jumped the ship and still happy Sony user (in addition to Nikon which is not sold yet). And more videos I see about Sony a7 series, more I hate these videos :)

Roberto Adrian Sanchez's picture

It will be cool to be able to have that eye-AF function working with the shutter button at the same time, will be perfect for Portrait photographers.

Oh yes, I still don't understand, why should I press separate button... May be some processor limitations?

Mark James's picture

It would be constantly shooting. Any slight movement on either end would cause it to reacquire focus. Now if you hold the shutter button down and have it set to burst it would behave the same way. At 10-20 raws a second that is a lot of shots to go through.

Jonathan Smith's picture

Has anyone used this set up ATOM + SONY to do a highlight reel for a wedding?

Yeah. As a Canon shooter… that's pretty cool. The eye tracking thing looks fantastic.

Nick Dors's picture

Anyone with Nikon glass on a A7 wanna share their experiences with the system? Bc I might wanna try out an A7III

Ferdinand Agbotui's picture

yh was having the same thoughts. was wondering if my nikon and tamron\sigma glass would work flawlessly with or without an adapter on the a7iii but native lens is too expensive.

paid by sony. everytime i see a video or manny he is explaining how amazing sony is. yet he forgets all the flaws,. put a branch in front of a model face and sony gets lost. sony makes amazing sensors but AF isnt that good. however, i am seriously thinking about this camera with a small lens for street photography. its easier to blend in with a handsized camera. took me several years to figure out that when im in a crowd with my dslr they are not staring at me because of my amazing looks.

Phil Wright's picture

And I'm sure Canikon camera's would track perfectly, even though there's a branch in the models face? I'm pretty sure that the eye-af of these sensors is far superior to what nikon and canon and do. These sensors even track the models face/head when they turn around and face the other way!

step away from the bong, you had enough.

Tried to put a branch and Sony gets lost with non-native lens. With native - works.

check dan watsons video on this camera, he shows exactly that it doesnt work. maybe you used the wrong branch. please re-test.

Probably mine is from faulty batch - works as intended.

John de la Bastide's picture

The eye tracking focus is sure tempting!

For me there is way too much going on in the viewfinder. Way too much distraction and way too much infos that are superfluous and that even overlaps large parts of the actual frame. Is there a way on these Sonys to reduce the information overload, possibly to only selected infos?

Sam Hood's picture

Thats exactly what I was thinking, I don't want to be distracted by icons all over the photo, I prefer the clean looking viewfinder of an SLR

Alex Cooke's picture

You can turn pretty much all of it off if you like.

Mark James's picture

Exactly. It's digital and most offer a few different viewing options.

Phil Wright's picture

Yes, you can select as much or as little as you want. If you just want a clean image with no 'info' then you can have that. If you want to see shutter speed, iso, f-stop overlaid then you can do that, if you want to see the digital spirit level you can have that, if you want to see zebra's show over/under exposed areas, you can have that. If you want to see the full Histogram, you can do that. It's fully customisable all through the EVF.

Damn impressive

When i tested those SONY, I felt like "This is a DIGITAL CAMERA" and mine felt like a analog camera compares to them even though it is a DSLR... The cost of changing the system is the one of biggest reason Im still with my system...

Not sure if I was the only one thinking this, but it looks like to me it focuses on the wrong eye for a good portion of the shoot. Even when I tested it for myself. I there a way to switch which eye it focuses on?

Alex Cooke's picture

Looks fine to me. It focuses on whatever eye is closest to the camera.