Wedding Photography Tips: How To Start Your Wedding Photography Business

In B&H's latest episode of "Wedding Photography Tips" wedding photographer Susan Stripling offers up some solid nuggets of advice for you to chew over before taking on your first wedding gig. Susan addresses some really important issues, that a lot of shooters wouldn't even consider, prior to embarking on a career in wedding photography.

In this episode of Wedding Photography Tips, top wedding photographer and educator Susan Stripling shares advice on how to start building your wedding photography business. Whether it is looking within your network for that first client or keeping your finances in order, these tips will help you start off on the right foot.

Because Susan's focus for this video is on that first big day, I think it's worth pointing out that before you even get to that stage, it is highly recommended that you second shoot as many weddings as you can. Build your skills, confidence and portfolio before you go it alone. It's a very tough but very rewarding profession so good luck out there and keep learning. We'll be here to help you with that as much as we can. 

via [B&H]

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Paulo Macedo's picture

Wedding photography, i love it and hate it. It makes some of the most beautiful pictures you get to take, still it makes you so tired that you need a full week to look at those pictures again.
It is risky, if something fails you are doomed. I've stoped photographing weddings since i moved from my hometown, i need to get on my tracks again.

Kristi Woody's picture

<3 Susan! Her classes on Creative Live have been incredibly helpful to me in my business. Love shooting weddings, and I hope I'll be able to continue doing it for years.


Hi there! Does anyone knows what type of umbrella is the one in the intro? I'll like something like that foor my weddings.

Mark Kelly's picture

I think it could be this one. Clay cook loves using it Photek Umbrella - Softlighter II - 60" cheers Mark

Bryllupsfotograf Forevigt's picture

Amazing ideas!! Thanks for sharing