What Does Being Creative Even Mean?

We're all watching the latest videos where the YouTube creators have been given the gear to review and for us to learn from. But are they really creators? To create is to make something that wasn't there before. But let's go in a bit deeper. 

Creativity is to find your own idea or spark of possibility and to make something with that idea and to bring it to life. Sure, we all have great thoughts or ideas, but the creative part is to make it real. Because until it's made into something, it's mere thoughts and ideas, which is not really the idea of creativity. Another way I like looking at creativity is to define it as the combination of two unrelated ideas and remixing them to create something new. 

Dan Mace, who directs adverts and media in the commercial film industry and also has a large number of YouTube subscribers, takes us through what he believes being creative is. I always thought I was lucky to be creative and to have creative ideas, but, what this has taught me, is that these ideas are only ideas until I create something with them. So, I was inspired, and I hope you are too. 

Do you think everyone is equally creative and that the only difference is what you apply it to and how you do the application, or do you think only a select few can actually call themselves creative and actually make a living from that?

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Ansie du Toit's picture

No, people are not equally creative. But creativity can be practiced and become easier and better.