What It's Like Making a Living as a Landscape Photographer

Out of all the genres of photography, landscape work might be one of the most mysterious when it comes to making a living doing it. This helpful video will give you some insight into what life is like as a professional landscape photographer.

Coming to you from Landscape Photography IQ, this great video discusses what it's like making a living as a landscape photographer. One thing that really struck me is just how much traveling is involved. Of course, it's unsurprising that you have to visit lots of destinations in this line of work, but the amount of time one spends away from home is definitely something to consider. As the video mentions, I think it's also important to remember that if you're doing it professionally, you're shooting locations and styles for clients, not necessarily for your own preferences. Of course, there are certain ways you can (and should) incorporate your own artistry and aesthetic preferences, but you'll also need to be acutely aware of the desires of your customers. Check out the video above for more about what it's like. 

And if you want to dive deeper into landscape photography, check out our newest tutorial, "Photographing the World 4: Advanced Landscapes!"

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user-156929's picture

Really good video and a reminder of why I shoot certain things for money and others, not.

Zac Henderson's picture

Great video. Wasn't very familiar with Tom before but certainly will be going forward.

Please go to school and learn how to write short articles. Your introduction does not even name the Photographer.

Alex Cooke's picture

That's because he's built a brand around his YouTube channel name and that's what he'd prefer to be identified by. You know, though, an English degree would be fun...

Jeff Walsh's picture

Couldn't find something in the video to bitch about so you went with the articles construction? You seem like a fun and happy person.