Your Guide to Sony Autofocus Settings for Video

Sony cameras have become a big hit among the indie filmmaking crowd due to their versatility, cost of entry, and video quality. If you’re new to these cameras or just need a refresher, here’s what you need to know about setting up autofocus for video on Sony cameras.

In this video, Jason Vong is using the Sony a7 III to demonstrate the menu functions and his preferred shortcuts and techniques in the field. Most Sony cameras have a very similar similar menu structure, so this video will still be helpful for owners of any newer generation a7 series, a9, or a6xxx series.

While going through what each of the autofocus settings are, Vong offers useful advice on what settings to use for different situations you may want to film by breaking down a few clips of his own and how they were shot. If you’re a photographer that is a newcomer to the video side, it’s helpful to see how the settings you already know translate into the filmmaking.

With this new platform of knowledge, go out and test for yourself how each of the settings perform in the real world and make your own personalized tweaks.

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