YouTube's CBO Discusses Logan Paul, Monetization, and the Future of the Platform

YouTube's relationship with its creators is notoriously shaky, with seemingly arbitrary decisions and poor communication often having very real effects on the bottom lines of those who use the platform and leaving them upset at the lack of consistency and transparency. In this great interview, Casey Neistat sits down with YouTube's Corporate Business Officer to discuss recent controversies and the future of the platform.

Casey Neistat invited YouTube Corporate Business Officer Robert Kyncl to his studio to discuss recent controversies, including Logan Paul and its new monetization threshold of 1,000 subscribers, as well as the future of the platform. The company has been notoriously slow at addressing controversy and not particularly forthcoming with its philosophies and reasons behind certain decisions, so I found it very interesting to see such a candid, direct interview in which Kyncl (who is the person in charge of the company's relationship with creators). While creators essentially see their relationship as two-sided (them and YouTube), the company has to deal with a third side, advertisers, and hearing the difficulties YouTube faces in trying to balance sometimes competing interests does shed some light on the way they operate, even if I don't completely agree with the final decisions or poor communication in some cases. Give the interview a watch and let me know what you think.

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Leigh Miller's picture

Biggest bunch of "non-answers" I've ever seen...worse than a politician. You can never get a straight answer to anything of substance.

David Penner's picture

The problem is he was trying to answer the questions while not pissing off advertisers or creators.. its tough...

Leigh Miller's picture

You are mostly right "

However it's still talking out both sides of his mouth while answering virtually nothing.

Jen Photographs's picture

Apparently the auto captioning doesn't like Casey. I'm pretty lost and I'm not up for 20 minutes of trying to lipread when they're facing the camera. So...

Could someone please summarize the key points?

Spy Black's picture

Is it me, or does Neistat look like the Grim Reaper trying to impersonate a teenager?...

I hope I'm not dumb and those were just really ambiguous answers because I didn't understand a single thing from this interview :)