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2.03 - "Needs Work" 

What is your chase?

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I would like it better with some of the scenery cropped out.

Thanks for the insight _ I do away with the hands and more cropping on the right towards the left where he is looking?

I love the pose and th lighting is 99.9% perfect. What I find distracting is the amount of background.

These are guesses as it depends on how it looks, but I'm thinking crop about 1/2 the right side, about 1/3 the left side and 1/2-2/3 between the top of his head to the top of the frame.

A little air (space) over the head is fine, but I dislike seeing the face centered and a lot of air above the head.

Now, this is just my rough suggestion. It and $1.19 gets you a 20 oz coffee from the corner gas station. It is still a fantastic shot.

I would clean the vignette off and crop in just a bit, ( keeping him centered ) However This fits more as an environmental portrait.

Thanks a lot for sharing --on the vignette true I can do away with it ,the environmental portrait dont you think the depth of the field is to shallow ?

Well... with the very shallow death of field and a little centered crop i think there would be no blurrylines...