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2.31 - "Needs Work" 

I met this super nice, homeless man somewhere north of Denpasar in Bali and he was super excited to have his photo taken. I love his positive energy inspite of his harsh situation and hope, this shot kind of conveys that :)

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A bit too posed but excellent lighting and focus... I try to not get posed shots on the street... But great job...

I like that this is posed especially since it is a picture of a homeless person. It shows that you interacted with him and had his permission to take this photo. There are very strong opinions when it comes to street photography and taking pictures of the less fortunate. I tend to agree with not exploiting people who are homeless and obviously struggling. Great shot and great emotion captured here.

Thanks, I'm glad you like the shot. I'm with you on the not exploiting people on the street. I know for many, true street photography means capturing a moment uninterrupted by the photographer - and sometimes that can indeed result in great shots. But I also think that whenever you capture someone up close and personal, it is important to have their consent. And that always means the subject will pose in some way, which in itself I find results in interesting images. It shows the viewer a picture of how that subject wants to be viewed and I kind of like that :)