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2.63 - "Solid" 

Being in NYC, I felt like I had to do some street photography, and I was really out of my comfort zone with this genre...

I had a buddy of mine, keeping eye out for when the light turned red for pedestrians, so I could focus on shooting images, and I didn't even notice him looking at me, when shooting, because of the stress level, in shooting images like this.

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I love the shot, colors and composition!
But I feel like you could crop that on both sides, left and right, to remove these people.
Also there's something weird going on with the man's forehead. Otherwise it's damn solid!

I agree that his forehead look a bit odd, but all I did to this image, is a bit of color grading, nothing else, and all in Capture One, so that must be the way he looks :)

5 star don't change a thing..that gent is watching you like hes on the run from the law.The balance of his feet makes him look lithe and ready to bolt. Its a classic street shot, not a fashion shoot, that why the people add to the street not detract...masterpiece. Also like the fact he is in focus.