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1.7 - "Needs Work" 

Cab driver in New York. I was in the back seat and managed to get a reflection of him in the rear-view mirror.

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What I see are sections, the cars to the right, the bridge and dashboard that takes 1 third of the image each. Then you have the road going up and down, but it has dynamism with that left curve that's reinforced by that section of yellow cones. Finally yu have the driver's face hanging over the isolated section that the bridge takes and he has the proper illumination and expression. So over all I like it a lot. I think the fact that the dashboard isen't over taking the scene with too much. I can't tell if I like the lock or not but it has matching color with the car's rear lights and I think that's why I keep going back to it.
I think this is a shot most people will pass if they don't spend the time but I like pictures that don't reveal at once and this one sure works for me.

Wow, thank you for your comment! You gave a beautiful description of the whole scene; I never analysed that picture so in-depth myself but I completely agree with what you're saying. The driver's face makes it for me personally, it gives some kind of emotion/feeling which I like.
It's true that probably a lot of people will skip this one sadly, 'cause you really need to look for a few moments to get everything in. Love that you like it!