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2.57 - "Solid" 

"Silhouette of a traveler"
My first uploaded image, i hope you like it :).
Image was taken On Central station in The Hague (Holland). Its forbidden to photograph there now, why??? i really don't know. This was taken with a Lumix g6 and an 45-150mm lens. I tried to frame the shot, with some passing by people. So you can see some context. I love that the subject is alone and totally free in the frame. Let me know what you think, Thanks!

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Silhouette of the dude is interesting, normally it would be some boring person. the people in the foreground help make the scene. Kudos!

I really love the concept! It's a great moment and framing! Only the post processing with those yellows and the clipped highlights is pulling me out. A better post-production could really elevate this shot! Other than that, cool!