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2.48 - "Needs Work" 
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Very cool light patterns. That's what I love about street photography, playing with harsh shadow and light situation. Of course, it would be cooler if everyone stood in the triangle, but that's hard :D
Maybe you could still remove the guy between number 2 and 3 so there would be 4 protagonists in the scene corresponding with the numbers. That would elevate the shot from 3 to 3,5/4* for me.
Cool place, cool photo!

Removing ? How ? With Photoshop ? Or just telling him to move ?

lol. Nice shot. Its an easy clone job in photoshop but I think that guy between 2 and 3 looks cool. If you were to remove anyone in the shot I'd experiment with taking the guy in front of the #2 out to create more separation between the foreground subject. the Street Photography class I took the Photographer (Julia Dean ) taught us that manipulating the image through deleting or adding anything is considered unethical. Do an internet search for Steve McCurry and you'll find some interesting articles on the subject.

First off I think the image looks fine as it is. As far as ethics is concerned, I personally have no problem with people adding or removing things from their photo if the goal is to make the image look as pleasant as possible. The only time it becomes an ethical issue in my eyes, is if you are making claims that your photos are "as shot" when in fact they have been heavily modified.

I would absolutely agree with your viewpoint on almost all genres except this one. If a Street Photographer has manipulated the image, either in PS or by staging the scene, they should declare it along with posting the image.

Yeah, but street photography has several sub genres. I'd agree that if you're talking about journalistic street photography it could be considered an ethical issue.

Nice shadows!