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Submit your best street photo for a chance to win a free Fstoppers tutorial."
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2.87 - "Solid" 


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Laurent Bourrelly's picture

That's a keeper

Alejandro Ilukewitsch's picture


Nick Viton's picture

ALEJANDRO! You're killin it with these direct eye contact images. You win!
If you look through all the contest submissions so far, entries with direct eye contact is very rare. So I replaced one of my entries with an image with direct eye contact. I love that strong connection when the "fourth wall" is broken.

Alejandro Ilukewitsch's picture

Thanks Nick, for the kind words!. I just replaced one of my uploads to this one :)

Fer Fuentes's picture

this picture is a world class. Do you use a Leica?

Alejandro Ilukewitsch's picture

Thanks Fer. Yes this picture was taken with a Leica Q.

Jeroen Imo's picture

This is one of my favorites in the contest.

peter rath's picture

I'm shocked that this only has a 2.8 overall rating. I can only surmise that low ratings were given by voters who have never taken a Street Photography workshop.

Alejandro Ilukewitsch's picture

Thanks Peter, very kind words. Glad to read you liked the picture, I guess some have a very different definition of street photo :)