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This photo was taken in the town of Teyateyaneng (TY) in Lesotho, Africa. I was waiting out a flash rain storm under an ATM booth when I saw this man approaching. The streets were cleared of people at the time as everyone was taking cover. The man almost didn't even notice me as he passed. At the last minute he glanced over and I managed to capture a shot of his gaze.

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I won´t forget this photo easly, great capture! :)

Thanks a lot, I appreciate your compliment.

Excellent. I love it.

Thank you Jeroen!

I like this photo a lot!! The man's position at the frame, the guys watching on the background... great mood!! I'm very new on photography, but seems to me that this is exactly what street photography is about!!

Thanks Rudy, I'm glad you like it. Street photography is one of my favorite "subjects" to photograph. It's such a drastically different atmosphere on every outing, the possibilities are endless. Couple that with time of day, location, urban vs suburban, abstract, the list goes on and on. I've been shooting street for 6 years now and it's still an incredible challenge to SEE an image come together. Most moments only last a split second before the composition and subjects change.

Thanks for the like. I wish you the best of luck in the pursuit of your vision.

Great, great, great!

Love this image. This is the definition of street photography to me. The guys in background waiting for rain to pass. Good expression on face and well captured. Signed up with fstoppers just to comment on your image :)

Appreciate your comment Russ. I spent 2 years in Lesotho, Africa shooting a lot of street photography and this is one of my favorites.