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2.33 - "Needs Work" 

Shot in the streets of Cairo. This kid is a carriage driver and was smoking waiting for his passengers.

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it would be nice if the background was showing more information.

You are right, I would like that too. Unfortunately the highlights are completely burnt so I couldn't recover them. Thanks for your feedback!

I'm the other way around. I found the thing on the left distracting.
IMO, subject is very cool. Blown out whites don't matter in this situation.

Thanks for your feedback Laurent. The truth is that in instagram I have uploaded it in a square format without the carriage in the left. For this contest I think is ok to show somehow that this kid is also a worker, but I see your point!

We don't have enough context if you wanted to see what he was doing. We can't tell he is pulling the carriage. After looking at the image again, I like it even more. It's a great shot.