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3.07 - "Solid" 

My friend begged me to take a picture of him looking like a famous painting of Vlad the Impaler, the real life inspiration for Dracula (look up the painting, it is easy to find). We decided there was no way we could afford the pearls and gems depicted in the painting so we decided to try a more humorous approach, the pearl headband looked a bit like bubble wrap, so we used bubble wrap, the ruby looked like a bike reflector, so bike reflector it is. We ended up substituting a paintbrush, a cookie, bubble gum and a sheriffs badge. A cheap wig and $12 fake mink stole thrown over some crushed velvet completed the look. The challenge was coming up with fun substitutes, putting it all together happened quickly with a glue gun and some staples.

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Chase Wilson's picture

Well done.

Daniel Jackson's picture

Thanks Chase!

Dan Grayum's picture

This one is cool, he also looks like a psycho Santa clause

Daniel Jackson's picture

That’s hilarious. It takes on a whole new creepiness as Santa.

Eric Wilson's picture

This is both hilarious and amazing!

Daniel Jackson's picture

Thanks Eric!