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2.7 - "Solid" 

This shot was for a collaborative campaign between opera singer Stephanie Ball, Nuorikko (designed the dresses and styled the shoot), Joe Denny (hair), Elizabeth DiGiorgio (makeup), and the venue (The Brown Palace). Lit with an AD600 into a large soft lighter camera right. Extensive photoshop to blend the three different color light sources.

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it freaks me out that I can see two shoes but just one leg and also is seems that is her left leg, but its actually her right.. little pose change could get this so much better for me

The off symmetry bothers me a bit, lights off centre, picture off centre, model looks a bit uncomfortable, but I love the mood and the colour. Good stuff.

Completely agree with all your points. This was the last shot of the day, and we didn't even have it on our shot list. We finished about half an hour early, and when I saw this couch and painting that we somehow missed on the location scout, we decided to squeeze it in. I think what actually bothers me the most is the lampshades being tilted differently.

I love so much about this shot, but I am a bit confused by the models legs, and where her gaze is. Additionally, that sofa is eating her, maybe a piece of plywood to have kept it straight was necessary :( . Overall though, love it :)

Thanks! I completely agree about her legs. This shot was a rushed add-on at the end of the shoot and it was basically a cave in there, I totally missed it.