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For our next critique, we want to see your most "styled" photographs. This means that you spent time choosing the model, location, wardrobe, hair, makeup, etc. to create a cohesive, professional, final photograph.

Maybe you're shooting a product and you had to design the entire set. Maybe you were shooting food and you had to fake a restaurant-style location in a studio. The bottom line is that we want to see detailed planning in your final image. 

Each photographer can submit up to five different images. Make sure that you write a quick paragraph about the planning that went into creating your shot. 

  • Submission Deadline: Fri, 22 Nov 19 17:00:00 +0000

    This contest has ended.

  • Voting is closed.

  • 384 people have cast a total of 19,928 votes on 316 submissions from 151 contestants.
  • Congratulations to the winners!

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The one star snapshot voters are already on it 🤣. Gotta love these “contests”

I think it's because some people don't think that your photos fit the criteria. Obviously they aren't snapshots. Maybe write a little blurb for each one on the planning that went into them and the intended style.

Haha, maybe some but..... Mine is 4.33 on my profile, and 2.65 in the contest. Ppl are arsey here in the contests - it's silly.

“This means that you spent time choosing the model, location, wardrobe, hair, makeup, etc. to create a cohesive, professional, final photograph“

“Stylized” can can be incredibly broad with this criteria. You also can’t see anyone’s description when voting initially so explanations of the work prior to the photograph don’t help the voter either.

I can see the descriptions before voting, I'm assuming that's the same for everyone. And you can change your votes after so if for whatever reason you can't see it before it can still sway votes.

I agree but I think the second paragraph puts more perspective on what kind of shots they're looking for.

"Maybe you're shooting a product and you had to design the entire set. Maybe you were shooting food and you had to fake a restaurant-style location in a studio. The bottom line is that we want to see detailed planning in your final image. "

Obviously there was planning put into your shots but maybe not to the extent that many feel like this contest was aimed for. But, again, I think it would help if you provided some details and context for the photos.

I can’t see the descriptions on my iPhone so I’m only able to speak from my point of view.

I added descriptions to mine but no matter what the voting here will be flawed because 90% of the people haven’t read what the ratings mean. I’m used to it lol

Well, I gave you 2 stars for the girl in the yellow dress because of the reason Adrian gave you, and because Lee said this:

I’m just going off what the contest said would quality for the entry.
I’ve seen them include all kinds of things in their final critique videos that nobody thought qualified.
Maybe more description in what they want exactly would be nice so there is no debate. A stylized photo is exactly what they put in the description so technically, if you did those things listed, it was stylized IMO.

Not sure how “California Gold” doesn’t qualify as a solid entry when I planned all the elements (blonde model, yellow dress, Mount Tamalpais, fog, vintage edit, slow shutter speed... all in the description) but I took it down anyways.

Please remember to include some sort of description for your images when you post them for this critique!

Everyone here really needs to stop complaining about how other people rate their images. If you post your work online for the world to see you need to understand and have enough emotional intelligence to appreciate that people like different things, people vote based on different things, and not everyone thinks you're as amazing as you do. If you can't handle getting criticism from others or you think someones rating is "unfair" or they rated you poorly because they wanted a better chance at being the top image then stop sharing your work and go pout in the corner like the child you are. Not Sorry.

The irony.


Complaining about people complaining.

lol I love people who use the word troll in the wrong context.

You totally missed the point of my comments apparently. By the way, if you want to go down the irrational rabbit whole of complaining about complaining, about complaining which your comments also fall into the category of which is a never ending loop of a pointless argument then you go right ahead and enjoy wasting your time. lol :D

If it were honest critiques, then I agree that you have to have thick skin if you're going to be putting stuff out there for all to see.

However, in this case, it is voters that are purposely giving low numbers in an effort to gain an advantage for themselves. That's not giving a critique, that's subversion for personal gain.

I agree with you David, however that's nothing new. That will always happen when there is unrestricted voting by a large group of your peers. There will always be some people who are going to try and take advantage of that. That's just the reality of it. The problem is people complain about it every critique like that's actually solving anything. You take the critique whether it's honest or not and then you decide what to do with it. People value the praise and criticisms of others to much.

I wish we could see stats on who the people are that give things one rating when it obviously doesn't deserve it. Because if the purpose of that is to boost your own photo in the hopes of making it to number one, I feel like the people who are anywhere close to being near the top aren't the ones who are likely to stoop that low (at least I hope so). The really good photos will still get a lot of high ratings and the bad photos will still get a lot of bad ratings. So it's really only shuffling around the numbers at the top.

I agree with this. I wish you could see who gave what ratings as well.

Ok, I have to comment on the header photo for this contest (I used to be an Army pilot):

The background suggests he is supposed to be actively flying, except:
1) helmet chinstrap unbuckled
2) no gloves
3) seat belts hanging loose across the back of the seat
4) no NVG mount on the visor cover
5) helmet is white (WTF?)
6) (minor quibble) his left hand should be on the collective control next to his seat instead of fiddling with the boom mic
7) motion blur of background aircraft is completely wrong

One star. ;)

If you people are going to pretend to be in the military, at least ask any of the few Americans who has served this country for some tips on how to get it right.

Thank you for serving

You're welcome.

He also just pointed out that he doesn't properly rate the photos, as something with effort put in, but needs corrections would be 2 stars. I don't know of many mother's and their iphones that can take that picture to warrant 1 star.

You forgot that the mic is attached to the helmet so why is he holding it? I also thought the staging was weak. But it is a pretty picture. :)

Presumably, he's adjusting it, but that would have happened long before takeoff.

To all of the many people to give me 4 stars, I thank you. The rest of the community continues to say you are way off as I'm now down to 2.4.
I'm clearly a terrible photographer and the photo I worked weeks making is rubbish and/or I did style it enough. I thank you all for your honest feedback. I'm now selling all of my gear if anyone is interested.....

Just kidding. I'm happy with my votes. Definitely stoked so many people liked it in one of these critiques. Some good stuff in here too

I see a lot of cases where a photo is wonderful but it doesn't fit the category. I wish there was a way to flag photos that you don't think fit. Otherwise it seems like people tend to give it a one, which gives the wrong impression.

Basically, I like to go to the tab of unrated images so I can see what I've yet to rate (I figure others do this too). If I want to clear out a picture that I don't think fits the category then the only way to do so is to give it a rating. So either you give it a one or you rate it normally despite the fact that you don't think it belongs in the critique. I'd just like to be able to flag a picture so it removes it from my unrated list and I don't have to deal with it. Other people would still be free to rate it if they think it fits.

this 1000x
one of the top voted images is simply a nude model on the beach with a rose photoshopped in. if that meets the criteria I'm posting nearly nude to every contest from here on out

Is there a way to sort the images by their rating or do you have to manually go through them all to find the top rated one?

When did they change the amount of photos you could upload? Some people have 5-6 shots in the contest. I thought there was always a limit of 2?

I believe that they increased the amount for specifically this c critique to ensure a variety of images to choose from as these are supposed to be styled shots that show a large amount of forethought and execution.

I mean, they average 300-1200 per contest, so I'd say they never have issues with entries. These contests aren't for those who are sensitive to criticism is all. High ratings are in the mid 3's and some people hate being in the high 2's. I see it a little more as the glass half full, where a high 2 is above average, based on community standards.

They closed this contest so quick here I came to upload and the contest is already closed lol

So many excellent images are sitting at rating close to 2. People seem to be rating one star lower...

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