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1.79 - "Needs Work" 

a photo shoot taken for a cosplay client, heavily photoshopped. This was a "back burner" project. we had talked about this for some time. I wanted a sunset over the city. On the day of the shoot, there was gusty wind, so I had to recruit her boyfriend to hold a couple of the lights.
this is one of many cool shots taken that evening.

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The HDR look kills the mood of the pose for me.

Do you mind elaborating on "heavily photoshopped"? To be honest it just looks very HDR.

Needs less depth of field, and much less obvious copy / paste of background. Also no context here. What's it about? Somehow the fantasy is ruined by suburbia in the background. However, you got out there and did it, so good work!

Cosplay is all about story telling with costumes. Do you feel you conveyed that? That her costume and pose brought a fantasy to life? Perhaps this was your client's vision, but we don't know that. The backstory is never the subject so the image must be what draws us in and allows us to make up our own story.