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1.82 - "Needs Work" 

Not that anyone will care because people here love composites, but what makes this unique is the fact that it was done in-camera, not Photoshop.

Think it's a 1 or 2 star image? Have the courtesy to leave a comment and explain why.

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That's awesome. I love shots done in-camera. I just wish the focus was on the mountain in the lens and not on the camera.

Love your portfolio (and your camera) and although uncommon, I don't feel that there is as much "story" in this photo compared to the majority of your shots. In a different critique I might rate higher.

I agree on the photo, but actually came to the opposite conclusion. I think in any other context this is a 2 star image. The only thing it really has going for it is uniqueness, which is why I put it in this contest. In the context of a contest on "unique" shots, I think this should be beating out 80% of the entries that aren't unique at all.

i love the shot i have one done through my side mirror of my car but could not find it...

Focus is only on the grip of the camera. I would prefer a lot more overall sharpness, particularly on the image in the lens.

That probably would have been ideal but this was shot double handheld out on a hike and would have required a significant focus stack to get the very close camera and very far mountains all sharp. So i had to chose between the camera and the background and decided on the camera since that's really the subject of the image.

I like the concept but would love to have seen it with the mountain inside the camera in focus. Also, I'd loose the strap, it adds clutter to the shot.

I just wish this was taken at sunrise or sunset. Just not a fan of the harsh shadow on the hand.

I especially like this Tyler. I personally tire of the (often poor quality) composites and photo-art in a photography contest, so this one especially tickles my sense of purity.

Appreciate it man. I agree on the composites. At what point is it no longer photography if 80% of the pixels were created in post?