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2.48 - "Needs Work" 

Titled: Colors

This piece is a study on Bi-Polar Disorder and has eight unique points to it to help showcase the disorder. I understand that at first glance this might seem like a kinda cool looking photo that would get a like on Instagram and that's the end of it, but this is so much more when you can look at it and see what I see.

So let me break it down for you so that you can see what is beneath the surface. I also created this piece to look like a Rorschach test so that each person looking at it can see what they want to see from it.

1) The Pink and Yellow side represent the manic side, and Blue and Red represent the depressive side.

2) The four colors illustrate the different extreme moods the person goes through.
- Blue: Cold, Distant, & Depressed
- Red/Orange: Anger & Anguish
- Yellow/Gold: Manic Energy and Excessive Spending
- Pink: Hypersexuality

3) The hands of pink & yellow and blue & red are touching because those moods are interchangeable and can switch on the fly.

4) I made the colors very vibrant and easy for you the viewer to see because these moods are so extreme that it is very easy for outsiders to notice.

5) While outsiders can clearly see these moods, the subject's eyes are not visible because they don't always realize or "see" that they are in these intense moods.

6) Where the hands and the thighs touch create arrows pointing away from each other. This is to symbolize how all of these moods push the subject away from their true self.

7) The negative space in the subject's silhouette is to illustrate the feeling of being hollow and empty inside. A shell of their self.

And the last point in this photo is one that I hate so much and always brings me to tears when looking and thinking about it.

8) In the negative space of the center of this piece is an hourglass. And this represents an unknown time. The unknown time of how long this disorder will last, as well as the unknown time of how long the person will last living like this.

This is without a doubt the most powerful piece of art I have created and I just hope that I can shed some more light on mental health and Bi-Polar disorder so that more people can understand exactly what people living with this actually feel and how it affects them.

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1 Comment

For me, your description contains what I love and am troubled by with this one. It's immediately compelling and very well executed and representative. But, for me, this should be about a unique "photo" and not just an art competition. This week's theme seems to have gleaned so much art, composites, etc. But is lacking in unique "photographs." So I love the result, but -1 because the uniqueness of it is not the "photograph" of it.

(At least that's my reasoning. Hope that makes sense.)