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2.43 - "Needs Work" 

air pollution

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Interesting shot, with nice lighting. For this critique though, Im curious as to how it fits and would love to hear your thoughts. It is unique in that I doubt there is another photo of this model, in this location, with those balloons, but what really makes it unique? I look forward to hearing back!

I love the color grading and lighting on this photo. Also your subjects are in pin sharp focus. However, the hard red light on the balloon is distracting. Also, would recommend cutting out the zipper hanging off her cuff. A quick touch up in Photoshop should remedy that. Overall I love this.

I gave this image two stars. Here is the reason:

The model, balloon, and lighting are all spot on. However I am curious about the choice of location. Were the balloon already there and you used them in the shot? Or did you bring them along with you?

I ask because the second balloon doesn't make a lot of sense in the shot being behind the model and disrupting her silhouette.

I assume the air pollution part of your description refers to the stacks in the background. The shallow depth of field pushes them way out of focus in this shot and makes them seem like more of an afterthought than the central theme of the image.