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2.18 - "Needs Work" 

This image attempts to portray the sheer pain of searing loss.

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Interesting concept but I think this image needs some work to be really strong image. I like how the lighting on the model matches the scene, but I think it needs to all be more gloomy and darker or needs to be even more high key. Right now I feel like I am missing a focus point in the room, and nothing seems to be sharp. If that is the direction you want to go in I would say push it further and really make that room have a very soft focus so that your attention is forced to the model, but still maintain the highchair because that element sells your story. I also do not think the trees and grass are necessary. Based on your description I want to see only the model, the room which represents the loss and the pain in the model's expression. The added foliage, to me, takes away from the model and their experiences and emotions. Keep pushing this concept, I think you can make something really interesting and unique.

A low score with an explanation is totally acceptable... tHANKs Marcus.