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1.81 - "Needs Work" 

I shot vintage 1963 Corvette Stingray convertible at the annual Cruisin' Week event in Ocean City, MD. It was parked in open shade on a side street. The reflections, shadows and colors caught my. I have always regarded these classic beauties as works of art in their own right and used this concept as a starting point in photographing them. I this case I chose to approach the car from the rear and incorporate the curves and light into a semi-abstract composition.

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In my opinion the photo editing in this is horrible and the picture is ruined.

It is exactly how I want it. I'm not interested in just taking snapshots of cars. Indeed, this contest is about 'unique' photographs. My images are meant to capture the mixture of textures, lines, shadows and light that impart the feel as well as the appearance of these classic automobiles.

Would agree with this.
I understand it can be an artistic choice, but even then things are a bit odd.

The blue halo around the wheels on the ground, seems odd. The amount of textures and sharpening in the reflections just create weird yellow/blue/purple haze, noise and colours, removing the reflections and detail in them. especially on the right side and all the purple on the back. And the reflection on the left is just.. a house?
Also, the blacking out of the license plate is very messy.

Don't get me wrong, reflections can be amazing. A car with amazing detail in the reflections of cool (studio) lighting. or inside like a warehouse with metal beams. or a reflection of a road, bridge, or other things.
This just seems like putting all sliders on full and see what happens. Again, can be an artistic choice, I just feel that even then, there are better results to be had.

The request was for 'unique'. This image fits. That's why I chose it.