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2.26 - "Needs Work" 

Two worlds futuristic cityscape from above

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I actually really like this. I'm going to have to try this

Thanks connor, they were looking for unique so I just thought of a creative way to use an existing photo that I had already processed and this came to my mind

I can see this working well as a series, "mirrored city skylines" of different cities all over the world and such. Especially If this was done in camera with mirrors and reflections and without photoshop.

But that doesn't seem to the case??
it seems to be a long exposure of a city, and a few minutes in photoshop mirroring it. And just looking at the bottom half, it's not a particularly interesting cityscape. I don't find the city and skyline that attractive, the single bright red neon thing in the middle is quite distracting and the post edit is a bit too blue for me.

So, as an idea I love it, but this particular one, not as much.

Thanks Steve, that would be a great photo series to complete. As I mentioned I did this via photoshop but of course there are other way to do it. The bright red sign was actually a subject I was somewhat focusing on, hence the reason I made it pop. The blue tone is the edit is the futuristic look I was going for as I mentioned as well, this was a look I wanted to create for the image itself, especially in the background city area (a nice cool blue and dreamy type feel to it). Everyone has their own opinions on how a photo should look, which is what makes photography fun afterall, otherwise everyones photos would have a similar look and feel. Thanks for the comments though :)