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2.2 - "Needs Work" 

Two brothers...the younger one following the lead of his brother. Both running above the waters and the waves making their way "up"!

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Great shot and edit! My only nitpic is that the shadows on the balloons are not all from the same light source and the copied balloons in the background kind of bring me out of it a little. Still a solid three star image for me!


Love the reflection and intent of this photo. What brings me out of this picture is the lack of shadow on the ballons, the swing and odd perspectives of the ballons and the slight over-processing. Maybe even a few ballons directly behind your subjects would make it seem more real. Great concept though, looking forward to seeing what you can do next!

agreeing with most here, the reflections are nice, the kids running are nice. (perhaps I wouldn't have decapitated the reflections)

But the balloons don't work. The perspective on most is off, the shadows are different and wrong in most with the light source being the sunset. etc.

The angles that you have put the balloons in. No-no-no-no-no-no. Balloons only end up like that upon landing in fast conditions. Being tilted like that in the air is bad news.

I like the idea but, seeing the balloons like that actually agitates me.

Just no. Illogical. Rethink the sense of space and how DOF works.