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2.65 - "Solid" 

I rarely shoot industrial or abstract photos, but I feel that this one fits well in the contest. It's quite a unique perspective of quite an ordinary place in my hometown, which reminds me of some bizarre traps from Indiana Jones movies. Huge balls just waiting to be released in the slots to crush all the adventurers! Or maybe just a back-stage of a pinball table? I'm curious what you might see in it - please, let me know in the comments! :)

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Solid image, very unusual view and angle.
What I don't quite get is the focus, with the ride side of the image being out of focus.

From what I can tell this is a long exposure of a bridge on its side?, and the right side is a reflection in the water?
Personally, I would have photoshopped and mirrored the left side to get both perfectly in focus.

Hi Steve, thanks for the comment! :)

It is, indeed, a long exposure of a bridge, flipped to one side. That's why left part is in focus and the right is little blurry. It's also not entirely symmetrical, if you inspect closely (I would have to have the bottom of my lens touching the water and I didn't want that).

Your suggestion is a valid one - it most probably would look better if I did mirror one side of the image in Photoshop. And I might give it a try! Although, I like this unobvious effect of having contrast in sharpness between left and right side. It's also less pronounced if watched on smaller screens.

Anyways - it was a fun for me to take and post-process this picture, so I decided to give it a go in this critique. We'll see, if it even ends up being selected. :)

Thanks once again for all your thoughts. I really appreciate the time and effort. :)

Very creative and I prefer it as shown rather than a perfect mirror. I wonder how it would have looked with ripples in the water.