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2.01 - "Needs Work" 

This is an editorial Shot.
The task was to display the scandinavian "Hygge" while incorporation a wind instrument and our local landscape.
I lit the chair and saxophone with a flash on High speed sync to pull down the ambient exposure and get a darker, more moody sky.

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The subject matter is unique, but the location I find less so.

I can see this as a series, this chair and the saxophone on loads of beautiful locations. Middle of a beautiful lit forrest or field, hills, beaches, snow covered mountains, rocks and cliffs, etc. It could be a very nice and unique series.

But, a muddy road with dead grass and crops around, not as much. (I understand that you were limited to your local landscape for this image, so I hope you don't take this personally)

Thank you for your comment.
I really like the idea, and I actually already took that chair with me a lot of times (mostly for portraits though), so maybe it will become a series (maybe also with other instruments).

Totally agree with the rather boring landscape. It's the typical rural german look. Not beautiful but "feels like home".