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1.28 - "Snap Shot" 

Rose giving her horse a training session

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This is just a snapshot. I'd like the horse to fill more of the frame. I'd also like to see more or the trainer's reaction- or lack thereof- to her (or his?) expression.

then you dont know your photography; this about the horse and his personality; but of course most of you cant figure that out; this is in no way about the trainer period and even she knew that; that was the purpose of this shot; nice try but move on and educate yourself

I have nothing against what you were trying to do- that is, show the expression of the horse. I just want you to do it >better<.

The horse feels emotionally distant in the image, and I'm not drawn into its "story."

At the same time, the background is very busy and distracts from the subject of the image. Most skilled photographers these days draw the eye to the subject of an image by controlling the depth of field. In this image, the background and foreground are similarly sharp- causing our eye to wander away from the horse's head.

Moreover, the trainer in the image, having no clear expression (we can't really see her face), feels superfluous. I'd either like to see her expression- that is, her reaction or relationship to the horse- or have her cropped out.

I'm thinking that something like this tells the story of "wild horse expression" quite well.

The art of photography is in telling a story not only with the subject, but with the photographic technique as well.

Keep taking pictures of horses if that's what you love to do. (They are an amazing subject, generally.) While you do, pay attention to how the image makes the viewer, who may know nothing about horses, >feel<.

actually your very wrong; and this photo has one several awards in local contest around this area; once again just proof that most people know nothing about photography period including what you just said. but each to their own; you or others that dont understand photography really dont affect me or how my photos perform around here;