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1.81 - "Needs Work" 

This shot made me lose the fear of using high ISO. It's taken early in the morning at an old textile fabric (near Gothenburg/Sweden) that now works as a office hotel. I have this on my wall 70x50 cm and love to see it every day.

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Yes, the noise is very evident due to the high ISO, but it does give a very rough street feel.
If I'm honest, I find it hard to rate this image high though because of that noise, was there an option of lowering the shutter speed instead of upping the ISO? I'm asking the question purely out of interest and constructively rather than saying it's a bad image of course, as I wasn't there so am not aware of the conditions.

Still a nice shot, rated two stars as I'm really not totally convinced on whether the ISO could have been decreased somewhat, I'll leave you to reply and convince me other wise :-)

Thanks for the comment! Actually I thought this should get a little more stars than this 😅
And my answer. Yes, I could lower the SS to get a lower ISO. Think I have SS 1/4000 or something here. The RAW file is almost black so this is 100% meant to be noisy. I made a collection with this theme, and this is 1 of 5 photos that been printed on canvas.

But, if I lowered the ISO to 200 and the SS to 1/60 or something, this would just been another alley. A nice alley, but still just bricks and windows. Now it has something, a feeling and atmosphere. But of course, it's much better on a 70x50cm canvas :D

Totally respect that, Gustaff. I’ve changed it to a 3 star. I think if this is part of a series of shots that are deliberately intended to create this feel it pushes it up in my view and I can start to understand what you were going for. :-)

Thanks Mark!

You can see all five on my site. :)