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1.95 - "Needs Work" 

I am not certain this qualifies but I don’t see to many photos of people’s pets bringing home dead animals. Milo does often, as we live in the Colorado mountains, so I thought to get a photo 🤷🏼‍♂️

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While the picture is certainly interesting, the post-processing filters have robbed it of feeling a natural thing. I'd love to see a version of it without the hard vignetting, dust and scratches. It's not that I don't use Nik Analog Efex; I usually use if to cover up for lacking gear or mistakes made while shooting.

Don't let this discourage you though; might just be my opinion.

Too much post-processing. I'd take away all of the filters since I don't think they add anything.
I'd also add contrast to both animals and enhance the color of Milo's right eye.

Yeah I was just horsing around with analogue effect. Thought it looked cool. I just put this photo in because it actually is a unique photo with a different editing style which is exactly what they asked for. It’s more of a social experiment to see how people rate a tack sharp image in a manor in which they most likely have never seen before. It has a very low rating which is exactly what I expected. Just gives me an idea people either don’t care or done know how the rating system works and rate images based off of their personal likeness to the particular photo they happen to be rating 🤣🤣🤣 this is the only photo I e ever done anything like this to and most likely won’t use this style again

I wouldn't give up on the style. Those filters are meant to give an antique look like the photo was found after a long time of not being cared for.
I think this particular image is better edited where Milo is the star with the unidentified animal adding story to the image. The filters do the opposite for this image in my opinion.

that makes sense, Ill give it a go without the filters. the filters aren't bad, its just not necessarily my particular style 😁

I'd chill on the filters a bit. If you want this look go to the lab and get a traditional print made and scan it. It will feel more natural.

As a side note; we had a cat that always brought home it's catch, from frogs to hares. I can definitely appreciate this image lol.

oh man my roommates cat is so murderous, hes always bring home rabbits or chipmunks and what not lol.