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2.73 - "Solid" 

Unique? I'm not sure if it is.

But I loved it as it was an image that I took while most people just walked by this view. It isn't one of the "main" view points of the location.. it doesn't have anything fancy.. Most don't give it a second glance.

So, "unique" in that sense.
(but, I understand that not everyone will see it that way)

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Hi Steve,
I think you've hit the nail on the head when it comes to unique. If it's not something people tend to capture, then it's by definition, unique.
I like it. I've given it 3 stars as I feel it's a solid image, fits the criteria and has the right composition. I like the way it directs the eye through the center between the two buildings.
I'm not sure on the colour grade, but I'm just being picky! To be fair the colour grade helps to give that cold feeling, so this may have been the best choice anyway! Ignore me ;-)
Great shot!

Thanks, glad you think it fits the critiqued and thanks for the kind words.

The colour grade is a personal preference, I'm having a blue-ish vibe these days and it helps with the cold feel. (it sure was cold). But I understand the blue doesn't work for some.

Totally understand, Steve. Once again, great shot! 👍

Love the image overall. The composition and color make it a non-standard image. I'm personally a little distracted by the bright spot in the background. If it were lower it might pull the eyes through, as it is for me, it takes me away from the center of the image. That's just an opinion of course, I still enjoy the image.

Thanks for the comment! natural light, can't always control the bright spots hehe! But I understand what you are saying.
I feel it gives a little more depth to the image, but I can see how it pulls your eyes away from the center of the image.