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2.79 - "Solid" 

Global warming warning...

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I like it. Love the detail in the smoke and fire, really gives a sense of depth movement.

What I like less is the bottom half, it's a bit bland. And the pose of the fireman isn't very exciting.

Obviously, a fireman doesn't have time to strike a pose, even during (from what it looks like?) a controlled fire/burn.

Thanks, and you are right, also his pose represents our powerlessness in relation to the effects of a possible global warming coming.

I agree: this is great. To the pose comment: maybe cropping him at the inseam (so there's no gap in his legs) might help make the pose more striking. cutting him at the calf seems a little unbalanced?

Going to the inseam will remove some of the face mask. I think that's as close as they could get to the person without sacrificing the mask.

Thanks a lot! you are completely right about framing and it would also enhance the sense of coneptuality, I just didn't want to throw some of the equipment out of the frame - in any case a very delicate decision.

I am really wishing this had more of the firefighter in it. That would bump this to a 4 star easily. As is it is still three star for me. Could easily be in a news paper or magazine.

Thank you! In that case, it would lean to a reportage photo and lose its uniqueness and conceptual meaning.