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2.13 - "Needs Work" 

Shot was planned outdoors but due to bad weather condition had to do it indoors, shot was made in a train station only available lighting was tube overhead. The ring around head was added later in photoshop. Except location everything else was pre planned. Nikon d3200 iso400 50mm 1.8G lens was shot at 1.8.

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I'd add some of the blue light (from the ring around his head) to his cheeks, ears, hair, and the collar of his jacket.
Personally, I'd also change the overhead light color to match the ring around his head and cast come of the blue light onto the tunnel. Not much, but enough to show how luminous the lights are.

I did make a version like you explained with this draft, I didn’t like it that much and it was never my intention, i didn’t want to exaggerate colours. And as I mentioned scene was solely lit by the overhead tubes so I had to recover lot of shadows and I couldn’t go further with adding exposure or colours. I am Newbie in photoshop I understand that there’s room for improvement. Thanks a lot for the comment. What do you think about the skin tone ?

I like the skin tone, but since his face seems brighter than what the overhead would do on its own, giving the extra light a hint of blue would explain it better in my head.
I understand if you did it both ways and this one was picked because it looked better. Happens to me all of the time.
Something else I would have done is take several photos where each photo had his jacket in a slightly different position and blend all of them together so the shoulders and below looked frantic/chaotic, but the ring looked like it was bringing a moment of peace/tranquility to man.

Thank you. Yes I agree with you - adding a hint of blue will definitely bring better connection to the image.

“I understand if you did it both ways and this one was picked because it looked better. Happens to me all of the time” - it’s a struggle I get into a lot before releasing images I am very conservative :(

That’s an awesome suggestion, got another idea from it - I could also do a 1.5sec or long exposure image where people waking around him and stack it later to show the chaotic nature of outside world and thus the glowing ring is justified more showing peaceful side.