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2.28 - "Needs Work" 

A concept I imagined for years. Waiting on the right model to work with. It triggers the question is she finding or leaving her believe ? Or is she's a slave by her believe. I like the pattern of the tattoo matching the structure of the chair, and the reflections on the stolp. It adds to the story. In my crazy head anyway.

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There a circular shadow on her left shoulder and it took me a while to see the earring that is casting it. Since it's not clearly visible in the reflection and barely recognizable on her right ear, I'd remove it in PS.
I'm not sure what her left hand is doing, but it'd be nice to see the whole hand (even if the thumb is in light and the other four fingers are in shadow.
I like the concept. The model is great and the reflection adds a lot to the story here.
Great image!

I left the shadow of the ring on purpose, to make the viewer wonder. Than he sees in the reflection she wares a bondage collar, her hand holds the table.
Thank You for taking the time for analyzing the foto and concept. There are no perfect photo's, but I can tell You I sold it twice (one at a doctor, one at an interior architect) at 1000 €. I sell my prints max 3 times so the buyer has something kind of unique
(excuse me I did € to $ wrong the first time)