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2.26 - "Needs Work" 
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I am not sure how people are rating this less than a three-star image.

It is dark, but that is needed for the feeling of the image. The only thing I don't like is the tree on the right that bows in, it distracts me from the story.

I gave it a three, I may revisit and raise it to a four.

Thank you for that nice comment! I didn`t think about that tree, but when you say it, I see it myself. That`s why it is so nice with feedback. Thank`s again Marek :)

I gave it a good rating; moody, deep, dark, haunting...

Reminds me of the movie "Evil Dead", which I just a few nights ago.

Thank`s a lot Joe!

This is prob the Ring girl.

very moody! I like it. Easy 3 for me. I would have cropped in a little tighter on the top and bottom.

Top - so you can't see the sky in the distance, that would maybe give a more claustrophobic and trapped feel to the image.
Bottom - would have cropped a little higher, to just above that red/brown rock.

More like a 5x4 crop in the end.

Thank you for useful tips de Vet! I tried it now, and you`re right, it looked better. Why didn`t I think of that in the first place? Not that I think that would raise my rating in this rock hard critique :D But thank`s a lot anyways!