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1.43 - "Snap Shot" 
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Andy Marek's picture

I can't give this a 1 star. You obviously gave some thought to the composition and the shutter speed to get the motion blur. It was on a tripod or you did an amazing job handholding.

I can't go higher than a 2 star. The image appears to be overexposed to me. The super-bright green bush on the right takes away from the image. If it were a little darker that would help. The rocks lose detail and the water loses the water like experience.

I would move the dehaze slider a little, increase the blacks, step down the exposure a little, I would use the brush tool on the rocks and bush in the foreground to darken them up a little and guide the eyes to the waterfall.

Sophie Sniadecki's picture

thank you for your feedback at the time this photo was taken I didn't have any ND filters and if I had it would be much better, even though it was a beautiful day the water was cold and I didn't have any hiking boots on, I am hoping to go back in the summer and get a much better shot with fewer rocks and more of the waterfall's base. Also, lose the bush.

Chris Edwards's picture

You might still be able to pick this image up just a bit by recovering some highlights and adding some contrast. It's always nice to have a beautiful place like this accessible to you throughout the year. You get to go back time and again to dial in your image. Hope you post your future images.

Sophie Sniadecki's picture

I will definitely post my future image of this waterfall