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1.78 - "Needs Work" 

**This is the re-edited image that I mentioned I might do in the paragraph below. I do like it a lot more than the other version I entered in this.**

Something fun my girlfriend and I made to ring in New Years. Two lights (one at about 10PM to the camera and the other directly over head) and one white piece of foam core directly below camera for fill. Intentionally left the slight exposure differences from frame to frame due to the lights bouncing off the emptying bottle/foil on bottle/my hand but might re-edit to see if I like the one with the exact same exposure more. Either way, it was fun and as I mostly work with breweries/bars/restaurants in Iowa, they really enjoyed it and it's something unique in my market.

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1 Comment

This is fun, and I see the improvements from your previous submission, however I had a really hard time trying to critique or rate this, as it is not a still image.