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2.52 - "Solid" 

Taken at an underground station in Munich, definitely not very unique shot but I usually shoot fashion so this is one of my "most" unique ones

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I wouldn't probably call it the most "unique" image I've ever seen, and it's very instagrammy BUT the execution is spot on and i like looking at it.

Solid shot! maybe not the most unique, but it looks cool! love the colours, the detail in the walls and the floor, it's an amazing location. Also love the post processing.

one tiiiiiny thing that bums me... on the right side, the edge of the light is cropped off..

- I would have cropped it slightly tighter so you wouldn't see the bend in the light.
- or cropped it slightly wider to not have the edge cropped off.

Thanks for the feedback, honestly never really noticed the light being cropped off but now that you mentioned it I can't unsee it

haha! isn't it horrible when someone points something like that out in an image? (sorry!!)

haha. Yes and no, at least I'll look out for things like that in the future now (hopefully)

yes light is cropped, but also the dark and also the tiles and also the walls only missing is that the guys feet get cropped either, kind of sucked into the crop like everything else leaks out. but ok i am getting creative here, it certainly inspires with these lovely colors fading into a gradient, very filigrane, would like to see more compositions from this location.