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1.85 - "Needs Work" 

This is part of a project I'm working on called Neon At Night. It started shooting brightly lit neon diners after dark and expanded to other subjects. Shot in Little Italy, NY this is a composite where I add stars and a moon and sometimes even paint the streets for a Fine Art Look.
Images are usually shot with a platypod for a low angle
Sony A7M3
12-24mm Lens
F22 in Aperture Priority
ISO 100
Camera picks shutter speed

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I like the colours, maybe a bit heavy.. but it's neon. So it works. a little. Not 100% sure on the blue/yellow colour shift gradient, but.. neon.. colours.. sure!

The composite doesn't work. the stars aren't great and the moon is just ridiculous. too big and does look like it's just stuck on there. A moon that size would also light up a lot of parts of the buildings and such, so for a realistic look, it doesn't work if all the buildings are still black at the top...
There is just too much going on and distracts from the main focus of the image (the street).

perspective is a bit off and needs a bit of warping. For example; the right traffic light seems to be falling to the left, it's not straight. The red buildings behind it also seem to be falling to the left. it comes with a wide angle lens, but... at the same time.. it's not a difficult fix.
the perspective also might be the cause that the "welcome to little Italy" is a bit wonky? it's not centred or straight. Perhaps that is how it was, I don't know. But it would be stronger if it was perfectly straight.

few little lens flares on the left that could be photoshopped out

the traffic light in the top left could have maybe been cropped out. instead of having it floating up there.

Love the colors. For me also the moon kills it. I think it'd be better omitted or done much more realistically. But that's just personal preference.