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2.1 - "Needs Work" 

Close bokeh. This is simply photographed from my living room window after I sprinkled the window with water. 85mm

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Joe Svelnys's picture

Taken from the ground, a living room, but it looks like it's taken from an airplane.. I call that Unique... and a view like that, I'd never leave the house. :)

Chris Mai's picture

Thanks a lot :) The perspective is a bit deceptive, as I shot it upwards, which you can see by looking at the airplane trail in the upper right corner. I think it is the droplets on the window that make it look like it was shot straight.

Justin Ward's picture

3 - very cool. After look at this and a few others i need to up my creativity game. Well done

Mark V's picture

Since I can't DM and have read so much of your feedback I just wanted to give kudos to you for taking the time to write all the feedback. You have a good eye and your feedback is fair.

Justin Ward's picture

Thank you. I have seen so many complaints that people don't comment that I try to make a point to comment on anything I rate.

Alexis V.Brunet's picture

Beautiful and simple

Eric Wilson's picture

Love shots like this - takes a simple/close situation and adds a creative bent many wouldn't have considered. Well done!

Richard Zazworka's picture

its raining bokeh, eh buckey balls :D cool. solid image