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Chris Mai's picture

I love this picture and can well see it hanging in my office. everything in it complies with fundamental photographic rules, there is an interesting sky, an emotion of evanescence expressed by the fluidity of the sea slowly decomposing this iconic rock, perfect light. in an out-of-contest setting I'd rate it 3-4.
but in the context of this contest, I rate it 1 because it could be a symbol for photographic un-uniqueness. the man standing on an iconc landmark has been done a million times, the long exposure I have done it myself often enough. maybe there is a history to it that would generate uniqueness? if so ...

Jordi Cañizares del Rey's picture

Many thanks. Your words are very important to me, more than the fact that you score well for the contest. I am very happy that you like it and I am glad that you think it is a photo that you would put in your office.

Andy Marek's picture

Amazing shot. I had to rate it a three because of the quality of the shot.

I wonder how it meets the theme. But great job with a common style shot.

Jordi Cañizares del Rey's picture

Thank you very much partner, it is a pleasure to read your words and I am very happy.

Jose Roca's picture

Good one!

Jordi Cañizares del Rey's picture

Many thanks!!