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2.48 - "Needs Work" 

Solstice Rise

( please comment any improvements you would suggest to taking the shot )

St. Johns bridge in Portland, Oregon. What makes this one unique or special is it is difficult timing to get sun-rise in one of the very few days per year (summer solstice) where the sun rises enough northward to capture it INSIDE the bridge silhouette while also having the 2 main cathedral-esque supports aligned.

I usually capture random/opportunistically while traveling or such. This was my most planned in advance shot (maybe excluding the eclipse) - including scouting locations ahead of time, planning the date weeks in advance, etc.

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Nice shot. Thanks for the description.

3 - Concept and leg work is great. The edit to me seems like clarity was reduced. Something in the sky seams to void of detail and it is making me pay to much attention to that.

the darkness has eaten the bridge well, even though the composition is exquisit, i would wish for a bit more detail in the shadows. it looks just a bit too flat. like cut out with a pair of scissor s and dropped onto an image. still a pretty solid image.