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2.93 - "Solid" 

Subway shoot with dancer in NYC.
Sony A7R3
Sony GM 70-200 f2.8

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So cool - congrats!

disturbing 😱

When I thought that this was a composite I was more impressed then when I realized that she's holding onto the beam behind her. Then I thought this is actually a very dangerous thing to do. Is that just me?

Nope, it freaked me out

She's a dancer, therefore she has better strength timing and balance than the average human. I can see how this would freak you out, though.

I love the simplicity and creative use of the available light. Typically, two strong artists together result in phenomenal images like this one.

its a beautiful shot, still i dont think that justifying the moral or physical aspect of it is really doing anything good since its not only a beautiful but equally dumb shot. i dont see risking peoples lifes for a better shot something worth striving for. its pretty egoistic, from photographer to model. fortunately the metro seems to leave rather than incoming. otherwise that would freak out the driver and yes there have been people dying.

Cool.Very @mrnycsubway.

Funny enough his shot was inspired by this one. He reached out to my dancer friend about recreating this but she declined.

Very good shot. The stark contrast between her and her surroundings, the lighting, her pose. 3,5 stars = 4 stars from me..Would be great as a promotional series.

Update: ok I found one thing. She needs more headspace since the is moving "up".

Love it!

toes are behind the line she should be safe

I love this one. Only thing is I wish she weren't holding the beam. Maybe have her hands flat out so it looks really precarious.

We didnt want to take the chance of her slipping or losing balance. Train tracks are not the place you want to end up even if the train is heading out of the station.

Oh for sure. maybe composite in flat hands?